Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Iridescent Irreplaceable.

Shine on baby shine on! Forget metallics and forget that shiny shirts, shoes, and purses are only for New Years Eve/ New Years celebration. We have to break the rules to live good and boy does iridescent feel good to live in. I love the confusion that iridescent gives off, is it silver? Pink? Blue? Purple? No one really knows, but it is fabulous. It's playful, it' youthful and it's fun. Who doesn't think about blowing bubbles at the family BBQ or trying to catch bubbles with a friend or sibling? It's nostalgic and it's fearless. This is more than just a trend, I believe that iridescent is irreplaceable. 

Don't have the funds for these fabulous run way pieces? (You're not the only one honey). But here a few affordable ways to get your hands on it without declining the card.