Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fall Semester Necessities

Comfortable shoes are a must for all the walking I do around my university, I walk about a mile a day, so Stan Smiths were my choice. They're comfortable, affordable and look great with a casual look, a preppy look or even a dressy look. I also got a white pair of Birkenstock look-alikes at Topshop, it saved me a lot of money and they're good quality. My classrooms are always cool so a light leather jacket, denim jacket or a black blazer are all great choices. A bag to keep my computer, books, glasses, pens, etc. is also needed. Topshop have adorable book-bags and Zara has beautiful oversized bags. T-shirts and jeans are the root of any good outfit, black jeans, light blue jeans, boyfriend jeans and distressed jeans are basics that everyone needs. I could go a whole year wearing nothing but big, loose , solid T-shirts, Zara and H&M are my favorite T-shirt places.