Wednesday, October 29, 2014

OOTD: Put On Some Red Lipstick and Live a Little

Literally, red lipstick makes me so happy, and I think it enhances my facial features. I highly recommend it for any and all skin tones. It makes any outfit that much better and this outfit was no different. The boots were featured in a former outfit post, Proportionately Disproportioned. Paired those with a black midi dress as a skirt so it would be as long as possible, I know, weird, but I hate how my midi skirts rise due to the stretchy material and me walking so much. So I had to do it. Then I wore a really loose and breathable sweater in a emerald green and for more color I used my favorite lipstick; RiRi Woo. When Britnie and I were taking pictures I got tired of holding my bag so I folded it due to my annoyance and loved it, now it's the cutest makeshift oversized clutch, it looks so regal and expensive. Lastly, I got told I look like a farmer.. RUDE but if I find a farmer who dresses like this it will be my new career. xo