Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Winter Necessities

The season of layering is coming quickly and I know I am so excited for the fashions that come with winter! These are the absolute essentials that I and everyone, needs for this weather. A camel coat, you can find these anywhere of course you may pay a lot but you'll have it for years, so it's a great investment. A jean jacket looks great over long sleeves and under big coats and it's good to have on the days that are cool and breezy but not cold enough for a long coat. A medium wash jean jacket is my recommendation, they look good with denim on denim and with black/white denim. Turtlenecks are a MUUUUST they scream class and they're warm and cozy, they look great under coats and jackets. I am yearning for an A-line midi skirt to wear with boots and sneakers and turtlenecks, or jean jackets and boots or sneakers. They look fancy but can be kept casual depending on how you wear it. Adidas have made a strong come back in fashion these past 6 months or so, I own the Stan Smiths which I adore but I'm itching for navy Superstars, they look great with everything and on everyone I've seen in them. I favor the silhouette of the shoe and I love the simplicity in the composition. And last chunky boots! Is an explanation needed, they're perfectly perfect for this season and if you don't get any you'll regret it.