Friday, December 12, 2014

Dear Santa,

As you know Christmas is around the corner and I've been a good girl this year! I haven't been mean and I got three A's and 2 B's as my final grades for the semester, the second B was unexpected but that final was harder than expected as well. Hopefully, you can over look that and be happy that I'm 20 and still believe in you! I know you won't leave me coal for that B, right Santa? Didn't think so, so I finally got my list together I know it's kinda late but hopefully you still have time to get me the few things I want deserve.

Sincerely, Jessica or memyselfandstylex...xo

Camel Coat, Navy/White Adidas, a Bucket Bag, Forever21 Clogs, Marc Jacobs Honey, ASOS Scarf, Zara Pants, Black Nike Roshe Runs, and lastly, Forever21 Mules.