Saturday, February 28, 2015

OOTD: After the Storm

I want to start off apologizing for my long absence, as you can see we have had some wild weather in Richmond preventing me from getting any shoots in on a regular. But hopefully today was the beginning of a turn in this dreadful weather so I can get back to blogging! Now that that's over let's address how in love I am with this Zara sweater. I wear that thing way too often with anything in my closet, it's so comfortable and not your regular bulky potato sack sweater (not that I don't love those). Today it was beautifully lit outside so I headed out with my American Apparel jeans, Zara booties, and my trusty sweater. It wasn't very cold but I knew I needed more than the sweater so I popped on my camel coat. For my accessories I wore a beautiful bucket bag from Zara (I absolutely love it) it's a great size and a statement piece in itself. All in all, very simple for a simple day of walking around and chatting with my BFF.