Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Perfect Bookbag (Backpack)

I was going around the city today looking for a cute wrap dress or vest trench dress, I sadly had no luck but I will not be stopped! However, while I was exploring and surveying numerous stores I found a treasure. The best minimal, not bookbag looking- but clearly a bookbag, bag. Complicated I know but perfect at the same time. I snatched this beauty for about $32 dollars and I told myself I needed a new bag to validate this purchase. I love that it doesn't have a flap or a drawstring, instead it has a simple top handle, patch pockets, gold detailing and a spacious interior. Plus this rich tan color makes it look so chic and lavish. I'm wasting no time trying out this beauty, so stay tuned. A link to the bag is below. xo