Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Black Licorice

Two things you can always count on, I never do all black and my outfits are never boring. I love to incorporate texture and different finishes, opposing lengths or unexpected pairing -while keeping things simple, if at all possible. Today was no different but I found a great graffiti wall to take pictures against I really liked the way it looked; separate moments of artistry that probably had no relation but together it gave this alley a distinct mood that made it beautiful and cohesive. It's just like buying clothes I never buy outfits, I buy different pieces at separate times because thats what I want in that moment. And then as it grows you realize you're finding your own style even though you may have never noticed, you were becoming you, and all your pieces made sense not only individually but as one. Maybe that was a stretch but it made so much sense to me haha..but anyhow details below, xo.

Muscle Tank | Similar
Black Faux Leather Skirt | Zara (Similar)
White Leather Vault Vans | Dover Street Market