Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shiny Boots, Shiny Bomber

When I love something I really love it. And I love these boots! I wear them about three days a week on average. Thankfully, after wearing them a handful of times I finally broke them in which means no more uncomfortable walks to and from class! So I wore them with black high waist skinny jeans, the pink sweat shirt I shared in an earlier post and my Zara bag you guys know about. My weather app, however, didn't tell it would be as chilly as it was, so, I returned to get a light jacket. I grabbed my bomber and threw it on and I forgot how much I love that thing! To say the least I was pleased so here I am. Lots of color but subtle colors…I hope. Since the details for all items are on previous posts I won't tags them this time. xo