Wednesday, November 18, 2015

N(ew)UDE Shoes& New Frames

First and foremost let me once again say, kudos to Zara. These new bluchers are definite classics and favorites in my closet! I love the nude color and the simple, not to big white flatform at the bottom. Very chic shoe for only $49.99! They also come in navy and run true to size in my opinion. Next, Zenni Optical is my newest "go-to" for cute and affordable glasses. Zenni Optical is an online glasses retailer who has frames starting at $6.95 with a prescription included! I got these cute round tortoise frames for $19, once I paid for shipping and a scratch resistant feature I paid only $28. I have paid over $300 for one pair of glasses and that's after insurance covered some of the cost. I highly recommend you try out the e-commerce retailer for new frames. Details below like always xo.

Bluchers | Zara
Glasses | Zenni Optical 
(these frames exactly are here)