Thursday, February 11, 2016

February's Lust List: Jacket Edition

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It's freezing in Richmond, and all I can think about are jacket, coats and layering as much as possible not just as a means to look good but also to survive. In my opinion going to school should be illegal when it's this cold, however, until that happens we must continue to struggle. So, I'm searching for a new leather jacket and this yellow one from Zara is full of zippers and a beautiful color to add to my wardrobe when I tend to wear lots of blacks, browns and greys. The next two… really need no explanation but they're belted and the colors are perfect, enough said! Next, everyone needs a good bomber and black is a necessity, BOTTOM LINE. Last, this denim gem that's on a MAJOR sale at Zara will be great for layering with turtlenecks, belting, wearing as a dress and lastly as a light jacket for when the weather warms up. A good jacket/coat can last you year round so go ahead and splurge and invest, you won't regret it. xo