Sunday, March 20, 2016

Chokers: They're Back and They're Better

What do they mean? What do they stand for? Are they risqué? Well they stand for many things good and bad (depending what period of history you're referencing) but there is one consensus- chokers are back and better than ever. From slim velvet and leather chokers to thick satin or highly embellished chokers there are endless possibilities for every look you're trying to achieve. I love rummaging through Tumblr and Google to see how people wear them from casual to red carpet appropriate- all the looks can be refined and altered to match whatever life you live. So far I've snagged a simple black velvet choker form eBay and a nude faux leather choker from dirrtyglam. Both which I have enjoyed too much and have linked for you guys.
So how do you feel about the revolving trend, are you a fan or not?