Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Birthday Wish List

It doesn't even feel like my birthday is coming up, usually I'd be really excited and talking about it a lot but this year I'm really excited for graduation and stressed about the real real world. But I still want to share with you guys what I'm looking at and saving up for when May 2nd comes around. I probably won't buy it all but these are few things I'm loving at the moment. And some things are mere dreams that won't be bought anytime soon due to the price or the item being sold out lol. xo

Balenciaga Cable Shopper Bag (Small) | Balenciaga
Blue Faux Leather Jacket | Zara
Monochromatic Air Force 1 | Nike Lab
Suede Mules | FrontRowShop
Panel Jeans | H&M
Monochromatic Air Force 1 (Sold out)
Kenzo Kalifonia Wallet Bag | Kenzo