Sunday, June 19, 2016

"You Wanna Be On Top?" (Tyra Banks voice)

To all my loyal followers who have been with me all these years and continued to show appreciation and interest I want to thank you; and for those just now stumbling across this weirdly named post, bare with me. Yours truly is trying to accomplish big things as you probably know! One of the realest and most influential pioneers in the blogger world, Leandra Medine, in collaboration with my favorite retailer and the amazing Bloglovin' is holding the competition of a life time! Henceforth the weird title.

So as I mentioned, H&M, my favorite fast fashion retailer is hosting a blogger competition with Bloglovin' and I decided to give it a go. I mean what is there to lose besides my pride and dignity if I don't win? (Just kidding). But really how cool would it be to be able to meet and discuss some how-to's on expanding my (already pretty cool) blog with someone who has conquered this world? Oh and you know...a trip to NYC and H&M's showroom would be amazing too, right? Not to mention the finalists also get the chance to be considered as the Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year at the 2016 Bloglovin’ Awards. Now of course there will be tons of entries and bloggers with many more followers, subscribers and the likes but who has a style and personality like mine? No one! That's why I decided to enter.

So here goes nothing. So for the look I styled I decided to focus on this gorgeous slip dress I picked up from H&M. I wanted to mix it up and show the versatility of the garment, so I paired some old H&M boyfriend jeans and this trusty Zara bomber with it. I know what you're thinking but I was a little chilly today, don't joke me. Then I finished my look with my dear Zara heels so I could add some zest to the look. Hope you guys enjoy, links will be provided below as always xo.  

Dress | H&M
Jeans | Similar
Heels | Similar 
Bomber Jacket | Similar