Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hey 2017

I know it's been some time but the truth is I will never stop blogging, it's more than a hobby but a passion I've dreamed of actually doing for years. I have recently been dealing with lots of family and peronal hardships that halted my blog for the past few months but now I vow to truly put myself and my passions first. And with the support of family, an amazing boyfriend and awesome friends helping to encourage me I know this is the perfect timing and I had to go through those moments to become stronger and even more determined. So with that being said...

What really matters is this first outfit post of the year! This year i'm really trying to balance my femininity with my sporty/tomboy tendencies- I think this will allow me to really have a set style that I can stay true to. Yes we all love trends (don't even try to deny that) but it's crucial to not spend so much wasted time and money trying to make every trend your thing, because next week it will have passed. Just like when bell bottom jeans came back I bought 3 pairs...where are they now? Couldn't tell you. 

So long story short..or another paragraph later I say the to say this outfit is the epitome of what I want my style to reflect; edgy, feminine, casual, laid back but forceful, because that is who I am. Details below just as before my loves. xo

Jacket | H&M (Sold Out) 
Shirt | Bianca Chandôn  (Sold Out)
Pants | H&M (Sold Out) 
Bag | Naked Vice

P.S. Thanks for you patience and love. 

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