Monday, February 13, 2017

How to Look Important: Layers

Seriously. Yes. Layers make me feel like I have meetings, know people and people want to know me. I don't know what it is, maybe it looks like I have a lot of places to go so I'm prepared for it, or maybe it looks like I can afford lots of layers haha. Either way this is a great way to stay warm and look like you got your stuff together. A jacket thrown over you shoulders truly makes you look like "that bitch". Not to mention this fake out blazer that ties to the front makes me truly look like a business woman minus the small amount of nipple that's present. If you haven't noticed (outside of getting Trump out of office) the way of the world is to normalize breasts and #freethenipple . As you can tell I'm on board. Are you?

But in conclusion I look important huh? The truth is I'm pretty normal and unimportant I just uncovered the secret of layers, it's all an illusion. 

Coat | Similar
Blazer | Similar
Pants | Similar
Bag | Sold Out

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